Pongal 2019: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Pongal!

If you’re born in India, you’ll discover many causes to celebrate life! The diverse culture which leaves here is probably the reason, the full calendar is all packed with festivals. To your surprise, even though we aren’t done using one, the groundwork for that upcoming starts.

We’ve just completed a lot of parties and entered New Year 2019. Falling from the first calendar month of this calendar year, Pongal fundamentally may be your festival that provides a good beginning to some joyous year beforehand.

Every part of the country has its own traditions and Pongal festival belongs to Tamil Nadu country of South India. In the event you belong to North India, you probably don’t need comprehension of these traditions and preparations to make for Pongal 2019.

What is Pongal?

Indians have various motives to observe the things that they celebrate! Pongal, that will be celebrated in Tamil Nadu like a four-days-long festival. Like any party features a story related to this, Pongal, which is celebrated in January or even February month additionally has a reason.

Pongal is celebrated in essentially the entire month once rice, garlic, and sugar cane are all harvested. This festival is famous as a means of displaying your gratitude to God for the harvest of this year. The meaning of term Pongal is”to detach”, also is understood with various titles in distinct components of the country.

Pongal is the title of a dish that’s consumed as a part of the festival celebration. It’s basically ready noodle broccoli and rice boiled together.

When is Pongal 20-19?

Pongal 2019 is going to be celebrated in the month of January. As stated by the Hindu calendar Pongal 20-19 goes to be celebrated on January 15th, 20-19.

However, irrespective of these distinct names that the festival is considered an auspicious event to start out new factors. And, will be considered a method of thanking God for the harvest of this entire year.

Known using the title Pongal in Tamil Nadu, the occasion is seen in just 3 times. This is how every one of these 4 days is observed and exactly what each of these days is named individually.

The Bhogi festival-The very first afternoon of Pongal

Even the Bhogi festival or the first day of Pongal is celebrated to observe the presence of Lord Indra, the god of rain. With the afternoon, a bonfire is made of wood and cow dung cakes in the unused pieces of the dwelling are all burnt.

On the day of Pongal, as per unique customized milk and rice are boiled together within an earthen pot. And, it’s offered into the Sun by linking a turmeric plant to it. Kolam in the entrance of this home is also built with this afternoon.

Mattu Pongal – The third afternoon

This afternoon of Pongal is especially to observe cows and their holiness.

This is the previous day of Pongal! On this day, ladies of the household play a special kind of ritual. As stated by this ritual, then the Sweet Pongal leftover are placed on a garlic foliage at the courtyard.

You’ve all of the understanding of the festival plus it’s really time for you to begin the groundwork for Pongal 20-19. Wish everyone a happy and prosperous Pongal 20-19 !!

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