Dussehra Essay 2019 (400 Words)


You will find assorted important festivals celebrated by Hindus and Dusshera is just one of those festivals, celebrated throughout India and abroad too in which Hindus are living. Though the literal significance of Dussehra is your tenth afternoon’ plus it’s celebrated around the tenth day at the calendar month Ashwin’ (Hindu calendar), but the joyous spirit begins much prior to the actual moment. It is renowned as Navaratri’ in numerous parts of India.


In accordance with Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had worshiped mom Durga to seek his blessings prior to assaulting Ravana and rescuing his beloved wife Sita. This really is why, Dussehra holds two significances; nonetheless, it is famous as Durga Puja primarily in the southern and south-west parts of India or at places where Bengalis live. In central and north India, individuals rejoice Dussehra by burning the dummies of both Ravana, both Kumbhakarana and also Meghnatha. So, on the day, Navratri finishes as Dusshera, signifying that the triumph of good over bad.

Dussehra is celebrated as the time of victory all around over the entire world; it really is a day when Lord Rama killed Ravana along with also a daytime once mother Durga killed the demon Mahishasura. The spirit or essence of the festival is located in its message i.e. to overcome obstacles and emerge triumphant with the assistance of loyal perspective and power of perseverance.

War between Lord Rama and Ravana

It is believed that the festival Dussehra signifies the legendary victory of Lord Rama across the ten-headed Ravana. In accordance with the Hindu mythology, even before attacking Ravana, Lord Rama worshipped mom Durga to acquire her blessings. He cried and observed quickly for 2 times; this is exactly why it can be known as Navaratri’ at several spots and men and women also observe rapidly for 2 days.


Dusshera is celebrated with top-notch, outstanding zeal in central and north areas of India; large effigies of devil Ranava, Kumbhakarana and Meghnath are set up in massive fields and burnt together with woods. Ramlila at the form of quick stories by the sacred publication referred to as’Ramayana’ are enacted on point. Enthralling fairs are coordinated with assorted interesting highlights, like puppet shows and rides, food stalls, etc.. People meet each other, trade presents, kids like the rides; the full ground becomes a sight of fun and joy throughout those 10 times and especially on the evening of Dussehra, i.e. the 10th moment.


Thus, Dussehra signifies an excellent spiritual and traditional significance and it really is one of the absolute most crucial festivals for Hindus. The festival joins individuals from other wallpapers and so that the fire for Dussehra must continue to burn for a long time ahead of time.

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